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TinyLetter v2 on it’s way!

When email service TinyLetter launched it was a breath of fresh air for everyone looking for a super simple service with no clutter. They quickly built a following and newsletter heavyweight’s MailChimp acquired them from coder, entrepreneur, angel investor, and owner Pud. They said that MC has grown into such a monster, this simple service was perfect for users that just needed a fast email newsletter solution.

They’ve just announced that v2 is around the corner and if MailChimp’s UI is anything to go by, it’s going to be slick! By the looks of this promo vid, it’s still pretty minimal and clutter free:)

“Don’t worry, we’re not going to be making you learn new stuff, we’re not moving any cheese, and we’re not bloating anything up. It was TinyLetter’s utter simplicity that we fell in love with, so we aim to keep it that way. In fact, we might’ve made it even simpler. Here’s a sneak peek video you should watch…”

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  1. Any idea if we lose HTML editing in V2? I don’t see it in the video and will be heartbroken if they do away with that feature :(

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