• Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Herman Miller Redesign Concept

    Herman Miller Redesign Concept

    This Herman Miller redesign concept provides a highly immersive experience to the user from beginning to end by use of big imagery, quality content, bold typography, clean navigation and slick interactions. This direction could help evolve their eCommerce experience in…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of SoundCloud Redesign Concept

    SoundCloud Redesign Concept

    Danish designer Mickey Switzer designed this concept for SoundCloud introducing written content. The main purpose was to get a clean, clear website that is easy to navigate and with a lot of attention to the small details.

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of YouTube Redesign Concept

    YouTube Redesign Concept

    Here’s what Roland Hidvegi has to say about his excellent YouTube Redesign Concept! Everybody knows YouTube and everybody loves it. I tried to create a quick but feasible facelift included the existing features and functionalities. I used the current system…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of LinkedIn Refreshed

    LinkedIn Refreshed

    A carefully thought-out redesigned concept of LinkedIn by Stefan Poulos. The concept gives a refreshing homepage; a new streamlined navigation; a highly personalized menu bar; and a modular card base design to support a more modern and sleek Linkedin design.…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Ebay Redesign Concept

    Ebay Redesign Concept

    eBay got a much needed redesign by Tintin, unfortunately it’s only a concept, but maybe someone of eBay sees this?! :) I tried to redesign Ebay but I realised this is just make it cleaner, I expect to make it all new…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Spotify Mobile: An experience to consider

    Spotify Mobile: An experience to consider

    Product designer and UX warrior Anthony Daniel II wore his “Designer” hat and conceptualized a few ideas that would improve his experience using Spotify’s mobile app. He proposed 7 UI changes that can and will make Spotify a cinch to…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Apple Music Redesign

    Apple Music Redesign

    The second part of Tom Koszyk‘s side project — redesigning the Apple Music Service. Going into more details, much refinements are needed to make Apple music better. The player is anchored to the bottom, gets bigger and easier to use.…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of IMDb Redesign Concept

    IMDb Redesign Concept

    Visual designer JP Teixeira redesigned and prototyped a cleaner take on the IMDb platform. This IMDb concept uses a graphics cards layout for the homepage that replaced the cluttered IMDb landing page. Navigation menu remains on the left side of…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Yahoo Redesign Concept

    Yahoo Redesign Concept

    UI/UX designer Alex Banaga took a stab at a Yahoo redesign. He was shooting for something cleaner and more fun than what they currently have. The concept by Alex makes use of white space to give a clean interface. The navigation…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Redesigning SoundCloud

    Redesigning SoundCloud

    SoundCloud is a cool place for music lovers and artists but interacting with the platform can be frustrating. Compared to other music services, SoundCloud feels clunky and outdated. UX designer Evan Simoni decided to take a crack in redesigning SoundCloud in…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Wikipedia Redesign Concept

    Wikipedia Redesign Concept

    Wikipedia Redesign Concept by George Kvasnikov. Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world. It hasn’t been changed or redefined during the last 10 years. This is a try to make Wikipedia more modern, readable, useful and personal.…

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