Beyond Silver ~ A Unique Cutlery Set by Clara del Portillo

Clara del Portillo has done an incredible job of marrying wood and metal in this cutlery set which it truly tasteful. I am not sure if these have or will see the light of day (I don’t think so) as I believed they were designed with Alejandro Selma for designboom’s Beyond Silver competition.

Beyond Silver ~ A Unique Cutlery Set by Clara del Portillo

The silver cutlery is a symbol of elegance and it has been used in banquets and important tables for several years. The sense of fashion and aesthetics has changed and most of these cutleries have been saved. Natural gives a new air to silver cutlery making it current and modern without giving up elegance. It has been sought a mixture of two noble materials; its merger with wood brings a warm air to the set. Natural also takes into account the new global mergers in the kitchen and includes utensils from different cultures.


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  1. This is (what should i say) the most elegant and posh cutlery i have ever seen
    Please tell me where can i buy this set and for how much!?

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