ACRONYM clothing produce high-quality gear and wearables in neutral colors with clean lines and unique features seems to be the seasonal aesthetic. While the style of their clothes for men and women is straight out of a gen-3 cyberpunk movie, it’s intended to be durable to the elements, and their jackets come in softshell, lightshell and hardshell options. What’s also awesome are their modular pouches that can be mixed and matched with their packs. Although their products are significantly pricier than the well-designed outdoor gear by more accessible brands, their spring and summer line is worth checking out for those who appreciate modern, innovative and technologically-inspired clothing.

Check out the SS 2014 lookbook video below.

ACRONYM clothing was founded in 1994, which makes 2014 their 20th anniversary. From their inception, many of their products have been designed to integrate technology—subtle pockets for cell phones or spaces for headphones are common in jackets and pants. In 2002, TIME Magazine selected their Analog MD Clone jacket as one of its coolest inventions of the year. That particular jacket came equipped with a multitude of pockets and mesh to house and protect gadgets. Now that gadgets are significantly sleeker than they once were, the details take the form of subtle pockets or pouches.

They employ several aesthetics to design their line; for instance, the J27-E jacket is “a combination of old world and new … a hybrid of vintage Japanese kimono and modern technical sportswear pattern making.” As much artists as they are apparel designers (which often overlap), ACRONYM also produces some interesting stylistic films that you can watch at their website. We take no responsibility for any sudden desires to parkour around your city.

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