Forgotten Factors That Impact Audience Perception of Your Brand

In an age of social media, brands are always trying to stay in their audience’s good books. This has always been true, but there’s never been as much competition or scrutiny as there is today, which means that you have to know how to improve the perception of your brand.

You might have some idea about the obvious examples, such as delivering a high-quality customer experience and avoiding disastrous controversies, but there are also smaller, seemingly less important factors that you could be neglecting. Associating your brand with quality is important, but it’s far from the only conversation that you want to be on the right side of.

Simple Presentation

On the whole, perception of your brand is something that you might find easy to overthink. Perhaps thinking about it in another way might help you to approach the topic from a new perspective—what makes you feel positive toward a brand? 

This might be hard to answer when you’re taking the mentality of a competitor, but part of what makes brand perception more difficult in today’s world is the different attitudes toward businesses as a whole. Brands aren’t trusted the way that they used to be, and marketing that comes across as disingenuous or transparent can sometimes be off-putting to audiences.

Presentation of yourself therefore becomes important: how are you marketing yourself? What’s your tone of voice? A connection with customers is important, but whether you’re making that connection through personal outreach or by simply focusing on your operations might make for different results.

Well-Maintained Premises

It’s also easy to underthink elements of your business. Wondering whether you’re overthinking or underthinking certain aspects of your operations is inevitably only going to make things more stressful, but it might just mean taking a more inquisitive eye to things that you take for granted.

If you have a commercial space, for example, a work environment that customers attend, like a shop or a restaurant, you need to think about how this reflects on your brand. If you’re viewed as being messy, unappealing, or outdated, it’s not going to help your case. It’s not that you always have to be adopting the latest cutting-edge trends but just think about how a smooth and orderly parking lot will let your customers know that they’re in for a pleasant time. Working with maintenance teams at might help you to get a better idea of how this makes a difference.

The Employee Experience

How you handle the inner workings of your business might feel distinct from the ways in which you approach your audiences, but it’s just as important. If you’re addressing your customers as a brand who claims to care about well-being and mental health, this perception is going to go out the window if your employees are claiming that the reality is very different. It’s an example of how you need to put your words into action, but developing your brand as one that’s good to work for is an investment that will pay off.

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