• ArtPhoto of 10 Moments Every Couple Should Share

    10 Moments Every Couple Should Share

    All Little Things has been working on the series of illustration to share the little moments of love, which are the binding agents in a long-lasting relationship. The true love is simple yet intimate that you would give a smile…

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  • ArtPhoto of Breaking Bad goes Minimal

    Breaking Bad goes Minimal

    Nice collection of minimal illustrations of everyone’s favorite TV series, Breaking Bad! See the full set here.

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  • ArtPhoto of 10 Minimalist Posters of Famous Children’s Books

    10 Minimalist Posters of Famous Children’s Books

    This posters series was created by Bookroo to remind the world of the simple joy of children’s books. These posters are a tribute to not only the authors and illustrators who brought us these beloved stories, but also to the…

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  • ArtPhoto of Illustrative Hong Kong Markets Posters

    Illustrative Hong Kong Markets Posters

    Tiffany Wan launched a unique poster series celebrates the street markets of Hong Kong and seeks crowdfund contributions with Kickstarter. The project titled “Hong Kong Markets: a poster series celebrates local culture” is the creation of Hong Kong-based independent designer, Tiffany…

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  • ArtPhoto of Alternative Movie Posters

    Alternative Movie Posters

    Check out Italian graphic designers Roberto Cigna posters about some of his favourite movies!

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  • ArtPhoto of Jessica Hische & Forever Love

    Jessica Hische & Forever Love

    How do you portray something as big as love on a postage stamp? What’s it like to design an object so many people use? What does modern love look like? Here’s an interview with the talented Jessica Hische on her recent USPS Forever Stamp…

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  • ArchitecturePhoto of Minimal Architecture

    Minimal Architecture

    Here’s a contribution from one of our readers, a project called Minimal Architecture, where you can find a modern & colorful illustration per week, on Wednesdays. Visit:

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  • DesignPhoto of Minimalist World Cup Artwork

    Minimalist World Cup Artwork

    The World Cup in Brazil is anything but minimal: Millions of people, extravagant samba dancer, loud drumming and much more make this a rather complex spectacle to pull off. But there’s always something minimal hidden in the complexity and sometimes…

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  • DesignPhoto of Star Wars Icons

    Star Wars Icons

    Jory Raphael first designed these awesome Star Wars icons as part of an icon-a-day project but, following popularity and demand, repackaged them into a download-all-in-one link… at what’s more, it’s free! The new set includes the following free Star Wars icons:…

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  • ArtPhoto of Sandwich Prints

    Sandwich Prints

    Designer David Schwen created these very simple ode-to-sandwich prints to be used as iPhone covers. So, if you’re a gourmet sandwich aficionado, have a look at this gallery and see if any of these typographical illustrations tickle your taste buds! 

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  • DesignPhoto of MR BLACK


    MR BLACK is a renowned cold drip coffee liqueur from Australia developed over the course of 300 iterations and 9 months to create a product that is award-winning and, thanks to its packaging, stylishly simple.  

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