• BlogPhoto of Beautiful Icon Stickers for your Plugs

    Beautiful Icon Stickers for your Plugs

    The Sticker Project is a really useful Kickstarter campaign. We all have so many plugs, cables and gadgets these days, and it’s easy to get your plugs mixed up when rooting around under your desk.The creator couldn’t find a solution to…

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  • OtherPhoto of UXPin eBook Design

    UXPin eBook Design

    This is a collection of beautifully designed ebook covers done by Polish designer Krzysztof Stryjewski for UXPin collection of ebooks.

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  • HomePhoto of Food Styling

    Food Styling

    Some really cool "food designs" right here!

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  • DesignPhoto of The Nordic Food Truck

    The Nordic Food Truck

    The Nordic is a visual identity created for a scandinavian Food Truck. The food consists only of salty and sweet smørrebrøds (open sandwiches).The design and the colors direct result of Nordic design. A simple, clean, and quality universe was the aim…

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  • OtherPhoto of Anki DRIVE

    Anki DRIVE

    In 2010 Anki was founded with the ambitious aim of bringing artificial intelligence and robotics to consumers’ lives through everyday, real life scenarios. Its first product, Anki DRIVE – a racing game for the real world – was released later that…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Surface Phone Concept

    Surface Phone Concept

    This conceptual phone design by Jonas Dähnert is inspired by the 2012 Microsoft Surface tablet. The minimalist approach favours sleek lines with a simple interface and overall black palette which affords the smartphone an appealing, understated aesthetic.

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  • ArtPhoto of Surface Pattern Design

    Surface Pattern Design

    UK-based graphic designer and illustrator Ben O’ Brien takes colourful, vibrant illustrations and turns them into patterned panoramas that could go on for infinity. Awesome and strangely hypnotic! Check them out below:  

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  • DesignPhoto of 2016 Olympic Pictograms

    2016 Olympic Pictograms

    Rio 2016 recently launched its Olympic pictograms, and for the first time in the Games’ history the icons will be utilized by both the Olympic and Paralympic games. The icons reflect the culture and history of the host country, and…

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  • ArtPhoto of National Food Flags

    National Food Flags

    Whybin/TBWA were commissioned to create this series of images showcasing a countries national flag composed of the foods and ingredients endemic to that particular country.  The collection forms part of a promotional drive for the 2009 Sydney International Food Festival and…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of PayPal Redesign Concepts

    PayPal Redesign Concepts

    PayPal seems to be one service that a lot of designers use for UI design or concept redesigns. I quite like that because it’s a finance application. It’s in a way not towards social/user generated content where it’s all about…

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  • DesignPhoto of Animal Chess Pieces

    Animal Chess Pieces

    MountStar managed to express the beauty and stately nature of African wildlife with these detailed renderings of animal chess pieces. Each chess piece has been given a regal quality that’s suitable and complementary to the thinking man’s game and its rich…

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