I have been wanting to do this post for quite some time now, and recently I’ve had reason to. A few weeks ago I finally got my iPhone5, and while it is truly a remarkable piece of machinery the default ringtones and notification sounds have not changed in years. Not only are they growing long in the tooth but every other person has the same ringtones as you causing all kinds of havok, you can only imagine.

Fortunately for us Hugo Verweij has created possibly the most beautiful ringtones and notifications on the planet. They are the perfect blend of minimal and crisp nature perfection that you would actually expect from a smart phone. I am still surprised that these have not been purchased by Apple, or by Android either for that matter.


The sounds come in 2 clear set varieties, the classic Cleartones and the newer organic Cleartones (my personal favorite). The Collections start at about $10 for either a ringtone pack or a notification pack. I’d recommend that like us though, you just drop a cool $30 for the whole pack. I can honestly say that my life has improved since I’ve started using these ringtones.


If spending money isn’t your strong point they I would seriously recommend trying out the demo ringtones or notifications by paying with a tweet. Worth every cent.

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