7 Ornamental Indoor Plants You Can Use as Mosquito Repellants

Mosquitoes can be bothersome, not to mention that they can make you sick. The only thing worse than encountering them outside is encountering them within. When you have mosquitoes indoors, your first instinct is to blast them with hazardous chemicals to destroy them. Instead, you can keep them at bay by natural measures, such as mosquito repellent plants.

These mosquito repellent plants give beauty and scent to the home, making their installation appear as natural as other aesthetics. You can find most mosquito repellent plants by browsing through this wholesale online nursery, and they can even be nurtured by novice gardeners.

You easily keep these seven mosquito repellant plants in your home.


Even though lavender is typically grown outside, it may be kept within to keep mosquitoes at bay. It’s a lovely plant with wonderful fragrances. All it takes is proper airflow and enough of sunlight, and you’ll have a bug-free summer.

The Lavender may grow to be fairly large over time; be prepared to cut it into smaller pieces that can be planted in other pots.


Catnip is a minty-scented herbal shrub that attracts cats but repels pests. Because it is medicinal, it is quite fine to keep it indoors. Put it in a bright spot, water it, and keep cats away from it.

When properly cared for, it grows rather large, cuts off little pieces, and plants in other pots.


Lemongrass has a strong, pleasant odor that repels insects. It’s also a healing herb.

Lemongrass requires warmth and plenty of sunlight to thrive. Keep it near windows and other areas where mosquitoes can enter.


Basil is another multifunctional plant that may be used in cooking, as a herb, and as a bug repellent. It has a strong aroma that repels mosquitoes. It can be kept in a planter by your front door or in your garden.

Remember to water it on a daily basis and to give it plenty of sunlight.


Marigold is a lovely plant that has been shown to destroy mosquito larvae. This is due to the presence of pyrethrum, a key element in pesticides.

It should be placed in areas around your home where mosquitoes grow, as well as in your garden, to deter insects and rats.


Rosemary is another seasoning herb with a strong pleasant smell that might deter insects. When you burn dried rosemary, it produces incense, which repels mosquitoes.

They thrive in hot, dry circumstances, so keep them in heated containers in the winter.

Lemon Balm

Lemon appears to be a great mosquito repellant, and the lemon balm plant is no exception. Lemon balm is simple to care for. It requires everything in moderation, including sunlight, water, and shade.

These plants will provide you with a mosquito-free summer. You don’t have to wait till summer to plant them; simply go to the nursery, select your chosen mosquito repellant plants, and maintain them.

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