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The Essential Benefits of CI/CD Platforms

A mobile continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform is essential in today’s tech-driven world as it automates the manual processes involved in building, testing, and deploying mobile applications. By adopting CI/CD practices and leveraging the right tools, developers can ensure more frequent and reliable software updates. This is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and the efficient functioning of the company.

With approximately 7.33 billion mobile users worldwide, the demand for mobile apps continues to skyrocket. In 2022 alone, there were over 255 billion mobile app downloads globally, and this number is expected to keep growing as society becomes increasingly reliant on mobile devices. As a result, the demand for mobile app developers is projected to rise significantly by 2026.

The need for speedy app production has become paramount alongside the increasing demand. Developers are now releasing code faster than ever before, with 60% stating that code moves into production at an accelerated pace compared to previous years. Approximately 50% of developers release code at least twice as fast as in 2021. This accelerated coding pace necessitates the adoption of CI/CD methodologies to stay ahead of the curve.

However, several challenges hinder mobile app production. One of the main obstacles is the scarcity of engineers with specialized mobile development skills and experience. Additionally, evolving customer demands and expectations contribute to high uninstall rates. To retain users, mobile apps must be bug-free and provide a seamless experience. Furthermore, the industry is experiencing inflation, with rising costs related to salaries, benefits, and cloud-based service platforms. Despite these challenges, SaaS companies have been hesitant to increase prices, leaving little room for errors in the competitive mobile app market.

While 35% of developers claim to have fully implemented CI/CD pipelines within their organizations, this number should be higher given the significant benefits these pipelines offer. Leveraging CI/CD technology enables developers to catch bugs early in the development process, well before the app reaches production. In fact, 50% of workflow failures occur within an hour or less. By adopting CI/CD, developers can provide seamless mobile experiences that exceed customer expectations, resulting in better ratings and increased customer engagement.

Automation through mobile CI/CD streamlines manual tasks, allowing developers to focus on creating better apps at a faster pace. Elite developers who meet their reliability targets are significantly more likely to embrace continuous testing, continuous delivery, and continuous integration. CI/CD simplifies maintenance and upgrades, enhances test reliability, improves developer satisfaction, increases customer satisfaction, and reduces overall costs.

The Importance of Automating Your Mobile CI/CD Pipeline

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