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How to Identify if Your Moving Company is Closing Enough Sales

Your business runs on sales. The more sales you close, the more jobs you have. And, well, the more moving jobs you have the greater your revenue, right? Your company’s success all comes down to your ability to close the sale. 

Unfortunately, without a way to identify if your moving company is closing enough sales, then how do you know if you are doing as well as you can be – or if there is room for improvement? 

Why You Aren’t Closing the Sale

Because you want to reach your highest level of success, you push and push in an attempt to close more sales. You may think you are tackling leads as they come in. And, you may think that you are on top of them as they move through your system. But if nothing is changing, perhaps it is due to one of these reasons: 

Not Being Able to Monitor Leads

A disorganized system of following leads can make it confusing for those on the phone with potential prospects. Where did the lead come from? When did it come in? What is the lead looking for?

Having a bit of insight about your leads before your team’s first conversation with them, as well as being able to monitor them throughout the process, will help those in sales know just how to approach them. 

Focusing on the Wrong Leads

There are many different leads that will come in. Some are more valuable than others. If your system forces them to blindly grab leads and work them, then how will you know which ones are more deserving of your time? 

Sure, you always want to reach out to every lead. But, you also have to properly manage your time. Without knowing which leads are the most valuable, your sales team could be spending their time looking at the wrong ones. 

Many Miscommunications

When talking to potential customers, it is always good to have an idea of what they need before they tell you. And if they call back – or another salesperson reaches out for a follow-up call – you don’t want to make the lead start over from the beginning. 

Without maintaining good records of information and conversations that can be accessed by anyone at any time, your team may appear discombobulated to the lead – and it is not a good look for your business. After all, if you cannot keep your communications organized, how in the world can they expect you to keep their move organized? 

Boost Your Visibility

Each of the above may be the culprit as to why your conversions are down. Though, truth be told, these are only a few of many possible reasons. The key is finding a way to counteract the issues you may be facing so that you can find the greatest success for your moving company. 

One of the best ways to increase your sales is to boost your visibility with the help of a dedicated CRM for moving companies just like you.  

Your sales team will be able to monitor a lead at every step along the way. In addition, they will be able to follow the proper script for that lead, schedule follow-ups, have a centralized (and organized) place for communication, and so much more. 

If you want to close more leads, then you need visibility throughout your entire system. It’s time to invest in software that will make it happen. 

SmartMoving is a software tool to help you meet all the demands of your moving company. From maximizing sales, monitoring your marketing efforts, and organizing your contracts and estimates – this platform can be very beneficial to your growing business. Learn more at

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