• HomePhoto of Simon Freund – minimal objects made in Germany

    Simon Freund – minimal objects made in Germany

    Born in Königstein im Taunus – Simon Freund is a young artist working in the field of consumable goods. Each object is a reflection of Simon Freund’s very personal understanding of design, aesthetic and functionality. With a profound understanding for design…

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  • HomePhoto of Ora Teapot

    Ora Teapot

    Meet the Ora Teapot! This teapot and glasses make use of double-wall glass to eliminate the need for a handle. The insulating properties keep tea inside warm for long periods, while the outside is never hot to touch making it…

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  • DesignPhoto of Martin Grohs Identity

    Martin Grohs Identity

    Martin Grohs is a designer, digital artist and illustrator from Leipzig, Germany. Here’s some excerpts of his compelling branding work for himself. More images and information available here:

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  • HomePhoto of 45KILO Studio Kitchen

    45KILO Studio Kitchen

    Berlin Studio Kitchen is a minimalist interior located in Berlin, Germany, designed by 45KILO. It’s an economic concept for a functional kitchen that combines an industrial look with the natural beauty and vividness of untreated copper. Standard container boxes serve perfectly…

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  • OtherPhoto of Waste-Free Supermarket

    Waste-Free Supermarket

    We all know we should lessen our smaller carbon footprint, but how can you realistically do this when 80% of things sold in supermarkets are wrapped in toxic packaging? In Europe and America we produce over a 1kg of trash every day – 1kg! Enter…

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  • ArchitecturePhoto of House Philipp

    House Philipp

    House Philipp by Philipp Architekten looks over a spectacular landscape through glazed, frameless windows. Perched atop a small mountain ridge in Southern Germany, the architecture of the house was designed to harmonize with nature. The interior and exterior blend into one…

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