Waste-Free Supermarket

We all know we should lessen our smaller carbon footprint, but how can you realistically do this when 80% of things sold in supermarkets are wrapped in toxic packaging? In Europe and America we produce over a 1kg of trash every day – 1kg!

Enter Original Unverpackt. A grocery store that doesn’t selling anything in a disposable boxes, bags, or other container. Instead the brainchild of Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski, two Germany-based social impact innovators, utilizes bulk bins, attractively displaying produce and encouraging consumers to bring reusable containers to the store.


We want consumers to have a choice about how much food they buy, as well as how much waste it creates.

Wolf and Glimbovski want to show the grocery conglomerates that there’s a more eco-friendly way to sell food. A change to zero-waste supermarkets is obviously needed and completely possible.

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