45KILO Studio Kitchen

Berlin Studio Kitchen is a minimalist interior located in Berlin, Germany, designed by 45KILO. It’s an economic concept for a functional kitchen that combines an industrial look with the natural beauty and vividness of untreated copper. Standard container boxes serve perfectly as drawers. That way expensive mechanical drawer runners, lacquered fronts and handles become all unnecessary. The good thing about this of course: the saved money can be invested in a beautiful worktop and quality appliances.


The kitchen body then becomes merely a shelve, filled with boxes which are made of recycled plastic material. For going shopping or the barbecue outside, one simply takes a box from the shelve. The copper worktop opposes the industrial and raw look of the kitchen body. It’s untreated surface is vivid, reacting in various colors to the influences of cooking and cleaning and thereby creating an atmosphere of warmth and natural ageing.


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