rD.01 Watch by RVNDSN

mmminimal reader Zach Raven, recently put up his watch design concepts on the mighty Kickstarter asking for a modest $2k for production and landed up getting double the amount.

Today they are made using rapid prototyping manufacturing and ready for ordering. We totally love this one… the minimalesque design is beautiful, and talk about stunning packaging too!

rd.01 Watch by RVNDSGN

rvndsgn is a new boutique watch brand started in 2011 as the unique vision of american industrial designer zach raven. rvndsgn watches are the first of their kind, completely built using the latest in 3d rapid-prototyping technology. designed in stainless steel, the beauty of the manufacturing process shows the story of its creation through subtle grain on the case, allowing each watch to be unique. our watches are completely hand assembled in the united states using high quality swiss eta movements, solid rapid-prototyped stainless-steel, and genuine italian leather.

rd.01 Watch by RVNDSGN

rvndsgn watches will be produced by shapeways, a leader in rapid prototyping manufacturing. we have no machines to buy, nor any engineering to accomplish. 3D CAD data is fed directly to the machines and our parts arrive at the door ready to be assembled.

rd.01 Watch by RVNDSGN

we believe that good design tells a story and is accessible to everyone. our story is revisiting the classic timepiece using the latest manufacturing techniques. we look forward to providing our customers with well designed affordable timepieces, and for years to come.

rd.01 Watch by RVNDSGN

Material: rp stainless steel
Finish: natural
Dimensions: 40mm x 12.4mm
Movement: swiss quartz ronda 513
Strap: black leather
Hands: polished luminescent
Warranty: 1 year

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