Why You Need To Hire an Corporate Event Planner for Big Events in 2024

Does the mere thought of arranging a major corporate event send you into a tailspin? You’re not alone. As companies schedule galas and gatherings to motivate employees, thank loyal customers, launch products, and more, the pressure is on to get everything just right — but where to begin? In 2024, outstanding corporate events will be vital for rebuilding connections and driving businesses forward post-pandemic. For enterprises planning functions large and small over the next 12 months, partnering with an exceptional creative event planning agency promises optimized success.

For inspiration, look to corporate event planners like 23 Layers in New York City. Winners of the Best Corporate Event Concept award at BizBash’s 11th Annual Event Experience Awards, 23 Layers and its founder and CEO, Jessica Boskoff, represent the pinnacle of corporate event excellence. Bizbash is a digital source for the best of the best in meeting and event professionals.

Founded over a decade ago by hospitality trailblazer Boskoff, they boast a sterling reputation built on a relentless commitment to creativity, quality, and client service. The NYC-based corporate event planning company brings extensive expertise across gathering scales and types. Boskoff told publishing platform Swaay, “I’ve built a strong brand identity throughout the years, and an even stronger reputation. We are in the business of doing really good work. And if you can do that and stay focused, you’ll stand out.”

Corporate Event Planners Delivering Bespoke Experiences

Like many top corporate event planners in NYC, 23 Layers specializes in delivering entirely unique event experiences tailored to each client’s needs and desires. While anyone can rent a standard venue and order basic catering, elite planners tap into expansive creative capabilities and industry connections to produce events that truly wow audiences.

For companies planning employee functions, shareholder meetings, conferences, new product launches, holiday celebrations, and more in 2024, top NYC corporate event planners like 23 Layers handle every detail from start to finish. Their full-service model includes scouting the perfect venue, procuring all rentals, providing state-of-the-art audiovisual services, booking sensational entertainment, coordinating specialized food and beverage menus, producing branded promotional items, and developing an overarching vision tying all elements together into a cohesive, show-stopping event.

By tapping into 23 Layers’ rare expertise, corporate marketing and human resources departments can remove the stress and uncertainty from important event planning while leveraging the company’s extensive creative capabilities and vendor network. Good agencies know teamwork makes the dream work. Said Boskoff, “Although delegation is a hard thing to do, you’ll get the most done when you have a good team in place to help take over tasks that are not important, and not urgent, that are taking up too much of your time and energy. The more decisions you need to make in a day, the more mental energy that gets depleted.”

In 2024, corporations will have a pivotal opportunity for impactful in-person brand experiences to reconnect communities and propel business growth after years of disruption. Retaining an innovative, celebrated NYC event planning agency like 23 Layers allows companies to fully capitalize on this moment, conceiving events that rebuild stakeholder bonds, spark imagination, and energize corporate culture like never before.

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