Fashion in 2022

Fashion in 2022

Helen Lee Schifter is a former Fashion Writer for Vogue Magazine. Schifter was not only an accomplished writer for Vogue, she was also Founder and Editor of Sassy She knows all there is to know in the fashion industry and the upcoming trends for 2022. Throughout her years of experience in the world of fashion, she has proven to have taste and opinions that other people trust and follow. The trends for 2022 are:

1. More form fitting clothes.

2. More oversized clothes.

3. Sporty crop tops.

4. Baseball caps.

5. Cotton Jersey.

6. Bike shorts.

7. Satin Pants.

8. Double breasted blazers.

9. Oversized trench coats.

10. Ribbed crop tops.

11. Ribbed pants.

12. Button knit dresses.

13. Itao jackets.

14. Crop knit trousers.

15. Hideaway crop shirts.

16. Bow crop tops.

17. Ribbed cropped cardi.

18. Malta gowns.

19. Beja dresses.

20. Strapless dresses.

21. Crochet tops.

22. Colorful sweaters.

For Spring, the biggest trends will be:

1. Crochet grazed.

2. The Less is More Cardigan.

3. Multiplied minis.

4. Gaga for Gingham.

5. White Before Labor Day.

6. Bras as tops.

The fashion colors for Spring and Summer 2022 are:

1. Lime green.

2. Rich and intense yellows.

3. Kelly Green.

4. Reddish-orange.

There are other popular colors, with the top one being “Orchid Flower”, and these colors following: “Babouche, School House White, Breakfast Room Green, Stone Blue, and Incarnadine”.

The intention for the look is to look comfortable, and simple, yet stylish and up-to-date.

Gray will still be in style, as it is neutral and goes with everything.

Winter fashion trends are:

1. Geometric patterns.

2. Printed Maxi Dresses.

3. Black and white Geometric Tie Blouses.

4. Color clashing.

5. Coral colored tops.

6. Straight leg pants.

7. Layering dresses over pants.

8. Shift Dresses.

9. Flared pants.

10. Ski leisure wear.

11. Leather wear.

12. Vegan Leather Jackets.

13. Vegan Leather Shorts.

14. Leather gloves.

15. Glitter crop tops.

16. Dramatic looking furs.

17. Belted Shearling Coats.

18. Wool hoods.

19. Brevis Hoodies.

20. Sheer layers.

21. Ruffled sheer blouses.

22. Window Pane Sheer Skirts.

23. Cutouts.

24. Fringes.

25. Head to toe knits.

26. Transparent clothes.

27. Extra long sleeves.

28. Statement Vests.

29. Modern Metallics.

The classic trends in clothing prints will be:

1. Zebra.

2. Cowhide.

3. Abstract.

For Footwear it will be:

1. Ballet flats.

2. Loafers.

3. Tech Shoes.

For Avant-Garde it will be:

1. Prints.

2. Creative cutouts.

3. Architectural Jewelry.

For personal preferences it will be:

1. Charm Jewelry.

2. Buying from local Businesses.

3. Personal Interest Accessories and Motifs.

For evening wear it will be:

1. Lingerie Inspired.

2. High Glamour.

3. Attractive Silhouettes
Helen Lee Schifter believes that there will be a shift in who wears what. Women will wear men’s suits, and men will wear more skirts. There will be an increase in wearing bodysuits, Rhinestone hats, tennis wear, anything monochromatic, bold colors, bold textures, and clothes that are out of season.

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