• DesignPhoto of Fashion in 2022

    Fashion in 2022

    Fashion in 2022 Helen Lee Schifter is a former Fashion Writer for Vogue Magazine. Schifter was not only an accomplished writer for Vogue, she was also Founder and Editor of Sassy She knows all there is to know in…

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  • DesignPhoto of Careers in the Fashion Industry

    Careers in the Fashion Industry

    Some people have a natural eye for what looks good and how to make an outfit work. In addition, these same people can make a personal statement with a style choice. Many have taken this particular natural talent and turned…

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  • BlogPhoto of Where to Find Unique Boardshorts for Men

    Where to Find Unique Boardshorts for Men

    Every summer men ditch their long pants for boardshorts to enjoy the summer season. Most guys like to travel light and bring minimal outfits everywhere they go. Since board shorts can be worn as both casual wear and swimwear, many…

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  • OtherPhoto of Black Tote Bag

    Black Tote Bag

    Two designers from opposite ends of the world (the Netherlands and New Zealand), joined forces in Melbourne to create Studio 11:11. The studio creates high-end leather goods constructed by craftsmen in Melbourne. With sleek lines, tasteful hardware, and simple shapes, the…

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  • OtherPhoto of Grovemade’s Minimalist Wallet

    Grovemade’s Minimalist Wallet

    Providing a modern and stylish take on the traditional wallet, Grovemade’s Minimalist Wallet keeps unnecessary clutter out of pockets and offers quick access to credit cards and IDs. At only a third of an inch thick, the Minimalist Wallet slips…

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  • OtherPhoto of Tvylor Wallets

    Tvylor Wallets

    Functional, stylish and secure wallets with RFID protection! Did you know 11.5m Americans were affected by identity theft in 2013 alone, and the total financial loss attributed to these people was over $24.7b? With skimmers costing less that $25 people can…

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  • OtherPhoto of Summer Oxford Shirt

    Summer Oxford Shirt

    Skilled designer Nat Disston of VoyVoy clothing has solved the problem of irritating fingerprints smudging the surfaces of your everyday gadgets. No longer will your smartphone be sullied or your glasses stained thanks to a patch of hidden microfiber on the inside…

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  • DesignPhoto of Mr Porter – Slick Minimal Identity

    Mr Porter – Slick Minimal Identity

    Mr Porter recently launched their impressive online store selling mens designer clothes, shoes and accessories featuring over 80 top designer brands. 'Saturday' were the creative agency behind the branding of these fine items.

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