6 Ideas to Help Make Cleaning Out a House Easier on Yourself

It is not uncommon for clutter to accumulate in a home, but taking the time to clean out the house is essential. While the thought of a complete clean-out sounds exhausting, there are ways to make the job easier on yourself.

1. Ask for Help

A house clean-out is a big job for one person, so start by enlisting help from family or friends. With several hands on deck, the job becomes easier and more efficient. It is best to ask for help early to determine repayment, such as ordering dinner for everyone, or making alternate arrangements if you cannot find help.

2. Gather Your Supplies

Gathering your supplies before cleaning allows you to take inventory of your cleaners and equipment. This way, you can restock on necessary supplies before you start cleaning. You also want to keep your supplies in an accessible spot, such as a cabinet, to prevent looking for certain cleaners at the last minute.

3. Just One Room

Focusing on one room at a time makes it easier to jump into the clean-out without feeling overwhelmed. One idea is to start with tasks that can be done in five minutes. You can also increase the rule to 10 minutes or longer until you are taking on bigger tasks. Another idea is to focus on one area at a time, such as the drawers, cabinets, or even a specific corner.

4. Declutter Your Belongings

There is more to a house clean-out than removing trash and broken or expired items. You also need to take care of unused items in good condition. Rather than discard these items, you can give away, donate, or sell them. If you have access to a storage unit, use it to keep these items out of the way while cleaning.

5. Rent a Dumpster

A complete house clean-out means removing items ranging from broken furniture and appliances to expired cosmetics and toiletries. Renting a dumpster reduces the number of trips to the junkyard because you can throw everything away at once. You may even be able to toss certain items out the window and into the dumpster.

6. Do a Walkthrough

Cleaning your home from top to bottom takes a lot of time and work, so it is easy to miss a few items. You are so focused on damaged clothes, furniture, and appliances that you forget to remove the empty plastic bottles and used paper towels. When you are near the end of the clean-out, do a walkthrough of your home to pick up stray trash and recyclables.

While removing all the trash, recyclables, and clutter from your home is a huge job, it does not have to be stressful. You want to avoid feeling overwhelmed because you may put the job off altogether. Luckily, you can make it easier on yourself with ideas such as asking for help, focusing on one room at a time, and renting a dumpster. This way, you can increase your motivation to create a clean, clutter-free home.
Indeed, decluttering and tidying up your home can feel like a daunting task, but breaking it down into manageable steps can make the process much more manageable.

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