How Design Comes into Play in the Event Planning Process

If you are an event planner, you wear a lot of hats. Meal planner, gracious hostess, coordinator and head honcho in charge are just some of the roles you will be playing in the event planning process.

Well, did you know that you can also add interior designer to that list?

The way you design your event can not only add to the vibe of the event, it can make for an easy to navigate floor plan that will help things run smoothly and boost attendee satisfaction.

With that in mind, here are some design tips that will ensure you create an event everyone will be happy with. 

What is Design?

In event planning, design needs to be considered on two levels. The first is the actual decorating of the event including the tableware you use, the colors you incorporate and any other elements that add to the aesthetic. 

On the other level, design can refer to the layout of your event including where you put your furnishings and other objects that will affect your guest’s experience. 

Now let’s take a look at both of these elements to see how you can maximize them to boost attendee satisfaction

Aesthetic Design Elements

The aesthetic design elements refer to the colors you use and the overall vibe you create for your event. To come up with an aesthetic that will work, start by thinking of your crowd and the type of event you are hosting. What do you think your guests will like? What is the purpose of your event and what message are you trying to send? Go from there to come up with an aesthetic design that works best. 

The design you come up with will vary depending on the type of event you are hosting, but here are some things that may inspire you.

Colors: If you are hosting a corporate event, think of incorporating colors that best represent your brand. You can also choose colors that represent the season or the vibe you are trying to create. Red is energetic, green is soothing, blue is trustworthy. Think of the image you are going for and go from there to find the colors that are right for you. 

Themes: If you are making a themed event, you can base your design around your theme. Make your event fun by incorporating a theme that represents a specific decade, movie or TV show and provide design elements that enforce the theme you choose. 

Interior Design Themes: A home can be designed to be modern, industrial or vintage, etc… and so can an event. Think of your crowd and the interior design themes that will appeal to them as well as what is currently trending and go from there to create the right aesthetic for your event. 

Layout Design

The layout design will affect how attendees experience your event from the moment they walk in until the moment they leave. Therefore, you will want to put yourself in their shoes to come up with a design that will make your event rock. 

When They Walk In: The greeting experience will be that lasting first impression that can make all the difference. Make sure there are greeters at the door to check in guests and tell them exactly where to go. You can make things even more pleasant by offering them water or champagne. Any branding you are using should be visible at the entrance as well.

At the Event: There may be one room or several rooms where your event is occurring. Make these easy to navigate by putting up signage where necessary and position furniture and other items so they don’t get in the way when guests are walking around. Put your musical entertainment in a central location.  You can also use lighting to create a vibe but make sure it’s bright enough so that guests can find their way safely.

Leaving: When the event is over, have staff at the door to say goodbye. To make the experience even more memorable and enjoyable, have swag bags for your guests. Follow up by sending out an email to thank them for attending and to get feedback that will help you improve events in the future. 

If you are planning an event, the design can make or break it. Create a great aesthetic and follow up with a layout that’s easy to navigate. Good luck creating an event that will have them talking for weeks to come. 

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