Tips to Elevate Your Space with Homemade Pottery

Adding homemade pottery pieces can elevate your living or office space and make it look excellent. The best thing is that you can get magnificent homemade items on a budget. Most homemade pottery features unique designs, which add class and elegance to your home.

The pottery is not limited to just utensils. You can find anything from vases to flower pots that uniquely elevate your space. If you are a DIY-lover, making pottery can be a nice hobby as you add personal touches to your home.

However, you can also opt to buy homemade items from designers nearby. Here are some tips to help you enhance your home with homemade pottery.

Have a Budget

Homemade pottery can be expensive, especially if you are after limited-edition designs. Having a budget will prevent you from overspending. Homemade pottery can be costly, especially if you are after high-quality pieces with unique designs.

You can window-shop ahead of time to find the price range of items you want to buy. One of the best shops for homemade pottery is Supper Club. Another great alternative is visiting trade fairs where artisans showcase their works and pieces.

Consider Functionality

Depending on what you are buying, whether it is utensils or flower pots, functionality is crucial. For example, you don’t want to buy mugs or plates that may be too big for your cabinets. Consider the purpose of each item and how it will elevate your space or kitchen.

We recommend creating an inventory of your items before you buy new pieces. Look at the care instructions, especially when purchasing utensils or dinnerware. A combination of aesthetics and functionality when buying pottery is of high value.

Choose the Best Material

Materials determine the quality of your pottery pieces. Most homemade pottery is made from clay. However, you will come across pieces made from bone china, porcelain, glass, and stoneware.

Also, look at the design of the pieces as it will affect the durability. Pieces with irregular shapes are unique but can be challenging to handle. Besides that, the pieces can break easily and may not fit well in your cabinet when buying dinnerware.

Mix Different Designs

Homemade pottery comes with a range of styles, glazes, and decorative techniques. Mixing different designs will add more class and elegance to your home. However, ensure that the pieces complement your interior or outdoor space.

Consider the color patterns in your home and your existing pieces when buying dinnerware. The design and aesthetics of the items depict the artist’s expression. Buy items with a design that matches your tastes.

Wrapping Up

Homemade pottery can be a creative way of elevating your living or working space. The tips in this guide will help you get the right piece; functional and value for money. There are many options whether you are looking for dinnerware or sculptures for your living room.

Read reviews from other buyers to learn more about the potter. Also, don’t forget to ask more about the care instructions to make your pieces last longer.

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