• HomePhoto of Float Tea Lantern

    Float Tea Lantern

    This teapot takes its name from the light transmitted through the tea by the warming candle. Float Tea Lantern is made with a double glass wall, which encloses a vacuum to provide thermal insulation for hot or cold beverages. The…

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  • HomePhoto of Teaware Set by Chuntso Liu

    Teaware Set by Chuntso Liu

    Round Square Teaware is a minimalist set, including a teapot, tea cups, and saucers that are full of contrasts. The elemental shapes of circles and squares both manifest in the pot and mugs. Created by Taiwan-based designer Chuntso Liu for KOAN DESIGN Co., Teaware’s organic shapes are decorative…

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  • HomePhoto of Imbue Tea Brewing System

    Imbue Tea Brewing System

    From the appreciation of loose leaf tea, to perfect brewing techniques and timings, there’s many things to … about. The number of tea afficianados is growing every minute, and we are guilty of … things when it comes to tea. One…

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  • HomePhoto of Ora Teapot

    Ora Teapot

    Meet the Ora Teapot! This teapot and glasses make use of double-wall glass to eliminate the need for a handle. The insulating properties keep tea inside warm for long periods, while the outside is never hot to touch making it…

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  • HomePhoto of Tea Kettle Makeover

    Tea Kettle Makeover

    Tea Kettles are loud, ugly and wasteful. Meet the Miito – the tea kettle that sets out to change all this. Created by Danish design studio Chudy and Grase, the Miito isn’t so much a redesigned tea kettle as it…

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  • OtherPhoto of Hot-T Wand

    Hot-T Wand

    Hot-T Wand is the portable and compact answer to when a kettle is out of range and you’re in need of a cup of tea or coffee. Designed by MINIMAL Inc., the wand certainly looks and acts the part –…

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  • OtherPhoto of Tea Tree

    Tea Tree

    The Tea Tree has a pleasant, almost lulling appearance, bringing to mind a cup of tea enjoyed in the shade of a garden tree while soothed by a fresh, summer breeze. Designer Wongyung Lee took inspiration from the anatomy of a tree…

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  • DesignPhoto of Teapot Quattro

    Teapot Quattro

    Snežana Jeremić has redefined the teapot with her modern and surprising conception, the Quattro. Commanding interest straightaway, the design is unlike any teapot you have ever seen, featuring a vertical, rectangular shape and a highly-functional handle that makes pouring and transportation…

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  • DesignPhoto of The Tripot Teapot by Matthew Pauk

    The Tripot Teapot by Matthew Pauk

    While the Tripot Teapot's packaging is a masterpiece itself mimicking the way these teapots are created we are completely drawn to the soft subtle curves that define the product itself

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  • DesignPhoto of Selfridges Tea Minimal Packaging

    Selfridges Tea Minimal Packaging

    Stunning colourful tea packaging produced for London department store Selfridges.

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