Tea Kettle Makeover

Tea Kettles are loud, ugly and wasteful. Meet the Miito – the tea kettle that sets out to change all this. Created by Danish design studio Chudy and Grase, the Miito isn’t so much a redesigned tea kettle as it is a reinvention of the way we boil water.

What if you could easily boil water in the very cup you were going to be drinking from, or the kettle you’d be brewing your tea in?

The Miito works almost exactly like a wireless phone charger. It comes in two parts: an induction base, and a magnetic rod. When you drop the rod inside a receptacle full of liquid, the Miito’s base creates an electromagnetic field that causes the water around it to heat up. Not only does that mean you can heat up only the liquid you need, but it keeps your water cleaner: unlike a regular kettle, the Miito produces less limestone, and it also boils liquid more quietly.

Although the Miito has already been shortlisted for a James Dyson award, it is still just a prototype and not yet ready for our homes and kitchens yet. But uou can find more information on the Miito here.

Miito – The perfect cup of tea from Nils Chudy on Vimeo.

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