The Tripot Teapot by Matthew Pauk

While the Tripot Teapot’s packaging is a masterpiece itself mimicking the way these teapots are created we are completely drawn to the soft subtle curves that define the product itself. There is some sort of merge between masculinity and elegance in the design of these that makes us want. Almost like a pedigree bulldog teapot, haha.


To communicate the process, this product has used the packaging as the envelope for delivery. The tripot teapot is hand made in the United States by Boehm porcelain. These unique objects are created through the age-old process of slip casting. They are literally cracked out of the plaster of Paris molds and thrown in a kiln for firing.


The packaging exploits these molds by dressing as one itself. This way when the user unboxes their new teapot just as they do in the factory. This packaging experience pays tribute to the craft, in turn adding value to the teapot itself and further sustains the life and use of the product


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