• HomePhoto of Wooden Speaker Mimics the Sound of Vinyl

    Wooden Speaker Mimics the Sound of Vinyl

    When it comes to music listening, sometimes you want to go old-school and with the resurgence of vinyl over the last 10 years, it’s no surprise some people still gravitate towards that retro sound. Aimed to give you just that, Louis,…

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  • BlogPhoto of Steel Speaker by Joey Roth

    Steel Speaker by Joey Roth

    Nice one! Designer Joey Roth is back with a new audio solution, the Steel Speaker. Following the success of his ceramic speaker series, here’s a monolithic slab of metal and maple wood engineered to diffuse sound down and outward in all…

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  • BlogPhoto of Wireless Porcelain Speaker

    Wireless Porcelain Speaker

    Finnish company Unmonday feels that good sound needs to be uncomplicated -starting with an ease of use. That’s why their 4.3 Wireless Speaker doesn’t need any cables – you simply control it via AirPlay technology. What’s really striking is the gorgeous exterior…

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  • HomePhoto of UMA Sound Lantern

    UMA Sound Lantern

    Pablo Designs just launched a brand new portable light that doubles as a speaker. UMA is a sound lantern that combines LED technology with a wireless speaker to give off 360 degrees of both sound and light. The lantern-shaped form lets…

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  • BlogPhoto of Mobile Boombox & Projector

    Mobile Boombox & Projector

    Flicks is a Bluetooth speaker and LED projector – all in one. Stream your favorite tunes from your smartphone or watch movies (via HDMI) from media devices like Roku, Google Chromecast and more. Flicks Ultra Throw lens displays an  100 inch…

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  • OtherPhoto of Audio Pillar

    Audio Pillar

    The Audio Pillar by Stellé delivers crisp, clear sound and is an elegant accompaniment to a stylish, minimalist-centric decor. The Pillar pairs with any Bluetooth device and navigation is made easy thanks to an intuitive user interface. It also features speakerphone…

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  • OtherPhoto of The Hidden Radio & BlueTooth Speaker

    The Hidden Radio & BlueTooth Speaker

    This amazingly cool looking little device is destined to pack a solid punch.

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