Wireless Porcelain Speaker

Finnish company Unmonday feels that good sound needs to be uncomplicated -starting with an ease of use. That’s why their 4.3 Wireless Speaker doesn’t need any cables – you simply control it via AirPlay technology.

What’s really striking is the gorgeous exterior hand-made with vitro porcellain. The porcelain and it’s uniqe shape make for an excellent sound. The speaker actually has five audio channels, which makes it possible to switch from mono all the way to surround sound.

Technical details are the following: height is 20,5 cm, width is 23 cm, length is 22 cm, weight is4 kg and battery runtime is 8 hours!

You can buy it at Unmonday or check for more info.


wireless-porcelain-speaker02 wireless-porcelain-speaker03

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