UMA Sound Lantern

Pablo Designs just launched a brand new portable light that doubles as a speaker. UMA is a sound lantern that combines LED technology with a wireless speaker to give off 360 degrees of both sound and light.

The lantern-shaped form lets you enjoy light and music at backyard BBQs, social gatherings, outdoor adventures, or even while reading in bed. UMA is equipped with an intuitive interface with touch sensitive volume control along with a light control dial making for effortless enjoyment. You can also control the volume and music selection from any mobile device via a wireless Bluetooth connection.

UMA is made of a durable shell with an impact resistant polycarbonate shade, a silicone base, and steel speaker grills to keep it nice and safe. A smooth leather strap lets you tote it around anywhere. For longer trips, a suede protective jacket is provided.

UMA-Sound-Lantern-2 UMA-Sound-Lantern-3

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