• HomePhoto of Tree Bookshelf

    Tree Bookshelf

    Check out this beautiful tree bookshelf which transforms literature into beautiful and functional wall art. It’s made using a real fallen tree branch! The shelf is part of the tree series, which attempts to let the natural forms found in…

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  • HomePhoto of Fju


    Fju is a really cool space-saving piece by Cologne based design studio Kaschkasch. Fold it down and it’s a small workspace. Fold it up and it transforms into a slim storage shelf. Clever!

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  • HomePhoto of Noise Canceling Furniture

    Noise Canceling Furniture

    With more offices heading in the no-cubicle zone, acoustics have become a real issue. The Sabine office furniture line is designed to reduce sound in open floor plans. With integrated acoustic panels, the storage pieces offer an effective means of absorbing and reducing sound. They…

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  • HomePhoto of Automatically Water Your Plants

    Automatically Water Your Plants

    Are you a negligent plant owner? How about a shelf which automatically waters your plants? To spare both plant lives and human hassle, Amsterdam-based startup Pikaplant has designed a shelf that automatically waters flowers, perennials, and ferns. Best thing: It’s electricity-free! All it…

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  • HomePhoto of Organizing With Style

    Organizing With Style

    San Francisco based studio Kate Koeppel Design created a durable and stylish solution to organize and display your record collection and complement the high fidelity experience of vinyl records. Similar products from competitors are nearly always made of plastic, ugly, poorly made, or a…

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  • HomePhoto of Bridge


    Bridge shelves by outofstock was inspired by the incredible engineering and architecture present in a suspension bridge. The shelf set consists of a sturdy baton, three oak shelves, and six detachable suspension clips made of bent metal pipes that enable you…

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  • HomePhoto of iLoveHandles Plank

    iLoveHandles Plank

    PLANK by iLoveHandles is perfectly designed to hold the essentials that you’re always in need of, yet inevitably find yourself looking for. Trimming the excess, it offers what’s needed to set your wallet, your smartphone, or sunglasses down on a readily…

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  • HomePhoto of Clic Shelf

    Clic Shelf

    François Beautour designed the Clic Shelf as a re-imagining of the key chain. He achieved this by adding an inlay of magnets within the wooden shelf. Keys can now dangle from the shelf with ease and are just as quickly…

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  • OtherPhoto of Stashboard


    The Stashboard is so useful yet so considerate to your work space.

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  • HomePhoto of The Scatter Shelf by Nendo

    The Scatter Shelf by Nendo

    The scatter shelf is composed of 5mm black acrylic shelves in a grid form, stacked in three layers and slightly displaced.

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  • HomePhoto of REK bookcase by Reinier de Jong

    REK bookcase by Reinier de Jong

    Reinier de Jong and his team bring us this spectacular bookcase that can expand according to it's contents.

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