What a lovely little add-on for your iMac stand. The Stashboard is so useful yet so considerate to your work space. It’s a new product that is currently still gathering feedback from users via Quirky, so why not give them some feedback if you have a sec.


Apple’s iMac is a triumph of minimalism, so why ruin the magic with heaps of clutter? Stashboard helps keep disorder at bay, offering a discreet but functional shelf exactly where you need it.


Its clear plastic frame clips directly to your iMac stand, with rubber grips to ensure a secure fit without risking damage.


The shelf hovers tactfully beneath your screen, with a light, glass-like aesthetic that makes your objects appear to be floating.


Whether you’re looking for extra keyboard storage, or just a place for your iPhone and hard drive, you’ll never find yourself without a helping hand.

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  1. It’s already a thing. Apple have been selling it in the accessories part of the store for ages. Except it’s made of aluminium.

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