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Organic Yoga Studio

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you know just how important it is to have a calm and inviting feel to the space. Considering just that, Warrior One yoga studio in Melbourne created a…

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Red Rocks Mountain House

Check out this mansion nestled in the side of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. The Red Rocks residence works with the irregular landscape and features a layout that embraces an indoor/outdoor way of living with a…

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Merging Modern and Natural Elements

Normally we feature minimal apartments that are mostly white with light tones, because that’s what speaks to us most. But this apartment is just too beautiful and unique and instantly got us talking. The Taiwanese design…

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Screen House

Loving the living / dining area in the Screen House located in Sydney’s Balmain suburb. This single story cottage has been renovated and extended by Carterwilliamson Architects. Extra bonus points for this awesome bathroom look!

Joshua Tree Shipping Containers

Originally designed for a site in Germany by James Whitaker, this cluster of angled shipping containers is now being built as a home in the California desert. Love how this looks on the inside and outside! Each container…

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Beach Cottage

Surfside Projects set out to turn a 1957 ranch in the coastal city of Encinitas, California, into a fun, environmentally conscious modern home called The Beach Cottage. They used the project as a bit of…

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Fitness Furniture

No time to go to the gym and struggling to find space for equipment at home? The Habit Furniture, a group of Hong Kong based furniture designers designed modern wooden furniture that no one would ever…

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Taichung House

Amazing house in Taichung, Taiwan, which was designed as a space to work and live at the same time. This would be perfect for freelancers by letting them work in an office as well as…

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Minimal Outdoor Gym

Check out this minimalist outdoor gym designed by Johan Kauppi and Nina Kauppi. Kebne consists of five individua structures built for various types of exercise, strength training, and stretching, for the entire community to enjoy. Kebne can…

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UN.IT by M3 Architects

M3 Architects – a young team based in Ukraine – just finished working on a minimal office project called UN.IT. Besides its slick look, the cool thing is that the concept involves independent modules with their own infrastructure. What you see…

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