• The importance of pest control for commercial property

    Most people think that only residential buildings should undergo pest control when it comes to pest control, even though this is not the case. Commercial buildings are also required to undergo scheduled control of pests since no buildings are resistant…

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  • Photo of Types of Deck Materials

    Types of Deck Materials

    Adding a deck to your property is a fantastic way to increase the amount of liveable space you have available. Plus, it encourages you to get outdoors and into your garden.  But what different types of deck materials are there?…

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  • Photo of Top Tips When Dealing With Wall Erosion Around Your House

    Top Tips When Dealing With Wall Erosion Around Your House

    Erosion is defined as the natural wearing away of a material. Most people think of erosion and conjure images of water channels hewn into rock by nature. This is an example of erosion but it also happens much closer to…

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  • Photo of 7 Design Tips For An Efficient Mezzanine Space

    7 Design Tips For An Efficient Mezzanine Space

    Mezzanines are additional floors that are increasingly becoming popular in modern homes. Representing a shift from expansive spaces to compact ones, beautiful mezzanine structures enable homeowners to increase their indoor space without necessarily expanding. Also, this adds to the home’s selling value…

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  • Photo of History of Architecture

    History of Architecture

    Tracing the changes of architecture throughout history begins with one considerably basic need, shelter, and protection. It could be said architecture began around the time when people stepped out of their caves and progressed into deciding how they wanted their…

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  • Photo of Top Tips for Making Perfect Architects Drawings for Clients

    Top Tips for Making Perfect Architects Drawings for Clients

    Architects play a major role in a construction project. In addition to designing, they also integrate other aspects of the project such as the theme, measurements, building standards, and even interior décor. So, to make perfect architects drawings for clients,…

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  • Photo of Modern House Numbers

    Modern House Numbers

    Take a look at some of our favorite modern house numbers to bring another layer of visual interest to your home’s exterior. First up are these Neutra Modern House Numbers designed by Richard Neutra. They’re made by House Industries and…

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  • Photo of Glass Resort Finland

    Glass Resort Finland

    Finnish-Italian studio VOID Architecture and Finnish timber manufacturers Honkatalot– Polar Life Haus have reinvented traditional lodging with Glass Resort—a collection of wooden and glass houses in the Lapland forest. The traditional igloo is covered for warmth; these contemporary homes have large glazed exteriors to showcase the…

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  • Photo of JFK Airport’s New TWA Hotel

    JFK Airport’s New TWA Hotel

    On May 15, JFK’s TWA Flight Center Hotel, set inside Saarinen’s iconic midcentury terminal, officially opened to the public. The new TWA hotel has 505 guest rooms, 50,000 square feet of conference and meeting space, 8 restaurants, and a 10,000 square…

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  • Photo of Modern Sanctuary in San Francisco

    Modern Sanctuary in San Francisco

    San Francisco residents reached out to Ryan Leidner Architecture when it was time to renovate and add on to their home in the Mission District. The Harrison St House project involved designing a new two-story building at the back of the property to…

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  • Photo of Backyard Solar Powered Prefab

    Backyard Solar Powered Prefab

    A Seattle homeowner hired Wittman Estes to design an affordable, eco-friendly unit to live in her backyard as a way to generate rental income. The modern structure is outfitted with a solar roof that provides all of the energy needed…

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