Illustrative Hong Kong Markets Posters

Tiffany Wan launched a unique poster series celebrates the street markets of Hong Kong and seeks crowdfund contributions with Kickstarter. The project titled “Hong Kong Markets: a poster series celebrates local culture” is the creation of Hong Kong-based independent designer, Tiffany Wan. Inspired by her love for travel, and living in Hong Kong, she celebrates the local street markets through graphic design.


I love travel and have always enjoyed sharing overseas experiences, I’ve been living in Hong Kong for over four years, and the quick change in this city is hard to ignore. The street markets are no exception. The posters I’ve designed celebrate the fading markets in Hong Kong and allows others to bring a piece of this amazing city home with them.


To bring the poster series to life, she starting crowdfunding through to accomplish the first production prints. The good news is that it’s already funded and there’s still 13 days to get involved. Rewards start at USD $5 and a single poster is USD $28. Reward posters will be shipped to backers by early December 2015.

For more information, visit the Kickstarter page!

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