• DesignPhoto of Comic Neue

    Comic Neue

    Relax! We all know about designer’s distaste of Comic Sans – the world’s most misused typeface… We really like the following idea though. Take on this horrible typeface and beat the letters into shape so that designers can work with. That’s exactly what Comic Neue does.…

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  • ArtPhoto of Minimal Movie Posters

    Minimal Movie Posters

    Olaf Cuadras used his exceptional graphic design and illustrative skill to create the comical series of posters called Minimal Movie Posters. This tremendous series of posters brings a playful air to a few of our favourite movies such as Terminator 2, The…

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  • ArtPhoto of Superheroes


    Khoa Ho created this silhouette black and white poster series to delve into the past of each of the world’s most popular superheroes. Each poster examines how the past informed who they became, the driving force behind their actions –…

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  • ArtPhoto of The Superhero Noir Poster Series by Marko Manev

    The Superhero Noir Poster Series by Marko Manev

    OK comic book nerds, set your drool mode to operational. These new Superhero Noir posters are SUPER rad.

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