Minimal Movie Posters

Olaf Cuadras used his exceptional graphic design and illustrative skill to create the comical series of posters called Minimal Movie Posters.

This tremendous series of posters brings a playful air to a few of our favourite movies such as Terminator 2, The Big Lebowski, and Die Hard.  The fonts and colour scheme of each individual poster reflects the vibe of the film it represents while the flat caricatures of the characters are easily recognizable.

John McClane and Hans Gruber, in their iconic attire, stand in front of the burning skyscraper where their epic duel takes place; Colonel Kurtz looms large and ominous in the background much like his character does throughout the duration of Apocalypse Now – each poster communicates the tone and theme of each movie brilliantly.

Print zoolander 3 4 lebowski_poster2 zoolander Print 8 9 10

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