Khoa Ho created this silhouette black and white poster series to delve into the past of each of the world’s most popular superheroes.

Each poster examines how the past informed who they became, the driving force behind their actions – towering figures of pop culture, imposing characters, who all overcame trials and tribulations to become the heroes we know and love.

The contrast between black and white – the past and present – is especially effective in communicating the passage of time, and as each superhero stands formidable and tall, there is still that piece of the past that most affected and informed them: Batman towers over his younger self, head bowed and weeping, kneeling beside his fallen parents; Superman rises high over the farm he was raised at, the home where he learnt his values and found his purpose.

Take a look at these inspiring posters below!


Everyone has a memory, a past. It’s the driving force behind all of our actions for our present, our future.


In this poster series I took a dive into the origins of these individuals and who they were before they became superheroes to remind us that despite the trials of our past, what we choose to do moving forward is much more important to us and the world we share.

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“It’s not who you are underneath. It’s what you do that defines you” – Batman Begins

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