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Solo is Thrive’s stunning online business and project management software.

I’ve first used it a few years back, mostly because it just so beautiful to look at and as a designer this stuff is important to us. It was also simple to use, so another point in my books. Back in the days I had featuritis and for some unknown reason I concluded that Solo didn’t have all the functionality I needed. With my new found information diet I obviously missed that the Solo quietly (at least from my point of view) has been working hard and released v2, which is a lot more complete, while keeping the beautiful, intuitive interface that made it so attractive to me in the first place.

So what does it do? This not the site to list all the features that are explained elsewhere to nausea already, so to cut it short, Solo offers:

  • Flexible Planning & Project Management
  • Automated Quotes & Invoicing
  • Simple To Use One-Click Timer
  • Easily Digestible Business Metrics
  • Message Area With Real-Time Alerts & Notifications
  • Integrated Contact & Client Lists

thrivesolo1 thrivesolo2

If you’re unsure about any of this, feel free to hit Thrive Solo up on Twitter: @thrivesolo – they are very responsive. Or why not take it for a test drive straight away, and sign up for a free trial. We’ve even got a special offer code for you, that gives you 30% if you decide to stick with Solo!

Use SOLOMMM30 on check out and save 30%!


Remember: Use SOLOMMM30 on check out and save 30%!

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