Sensi Standmixer

The Sensi Standmixer is a concept designed by Peter Braakhuis for the Electrolux Design Lab – a competition where students from around the world are encouraged to submit their product ideas with the possibility of having them produced.

The remarkable thing about the Sensi Standmixer is that you are no longer tied to the kitchen while using it. A small handheld device that usually sits atop the mixer can be removed, taken to another room and – thanks to a small camera and display transmitting information via wifi – can control speed settings, time, and temperature with the simple glide of a finger.


Cooking means something different for everyone, whether it’s for comfort, family or health. But in our fast changing society, cooking and preparing food are regarded as a time-consuming activity. This stand mixer concept provides an innovative solution in which the consumer is no longer tied to just the kitchen.


Saving energy is an important goal, because a large percentage of the electricity in the world is still generated using non renewable resources like natural gas and petroleum. This concept provides several energy-saving solutions that contribute to a better environment.


Its integrated induction hub is more energy-efficient and responsive than other electrical heating sources. The double- walled bowl will retain more heat due to the non-conductive layer of air, which ensures warm food for a longer period of time and therefore a lower energy consumption.

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