• OtherPhoto of Vinta Travel & Camera Bag

    Vinta Travel & Camera Bag

    Good camera bags are hard to find. VINTA has found a way to create a stylish, camera focussed bag with their S | Series backpacks. The bag has a vintage military-style to it but is made of a lightweight, durable poly fabric. There’s a slot…

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  • BlogPhoto of Movi Live Streaming Camera

    Movi Live Streaming Camera

    Streaming video is nothing new. Being able to live stream video that doesn’t look like it was shot by someone holding a phone, however, is new. The Movi Live Streaming Camera lets you do exactly that by using a compact,…

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  • HomePhoto of Ulo


    Today more and more objects are connected, but none of them truly connects with you. Ulo is a cute surveillance camera, a pet owl interacting with you through eye expressions. It creates a unique bond, like no other device. It…

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  • BlogPhoto of Lytro Illum

    Lytro Illum

    We haven’t held a Lytro Illum camera in our hands yet, but it’s definitely not your normal camera… The key selling point which really makes it different is something they call the Virtual Camera – letting you change the focus and perspective. Check it out…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Turn your iPhone into a manual camera

    Turn your iPhone into a manual camera

    Manual is a powerful camera app with full control over your image. Quickly and simply adjust all parameters of your image. No more tapping and hoping automatic can understand what you want. Take control. Download Manual on the App Store…

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  • BlogPhoto of Leica M

    Leica M

    A little more than a year following its announcement, the limited edition Leica M by chief Apple designer John Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson has been exhibited. The full-frame camera, based on a Leica M model, was auctioned off…

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  • HomePhoto of Sensi Standmixer

    Sensi Standmixer

    The Sensi Standmixer is a concept designed by Peter Braakhuis for the Electrolux Design Lab – a competition where students from around the world are encouraged to submit their product ideas with the possibility of having them produced. The remarkable thing about…

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  • BlogPhoto of Clasp Lenscap

    Clasp Lenscap

    Hrishikesh Kogje calls his conceptual design the “un-misplace-able lenscap”. Setting out to solve the problem of losing a lenscap – which happens all to often to photographers – the Clasp Lenscap is attached to the camera whether it’s in use or…

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  • BlogPhoto of LEICA X3

    LEICA X3

    The LEICA X3 is a personal project for Vincent Sall that aims to bridge the gap between large cameras with amazing image quality and smartphones with their limited image quality or control. He was inspired to combine an old-school monocle with a…

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  • BlogPhoto of カメラ (Ka-mu-ra)

    カメラ (Ka-mu-ra)

    London based design student Forrest Radford has designed a concept camera for the brand Muji. Based on the concept of “Kanketsu” which is the idea of simplicity, and moulded by the limitations of Muji not being a very technology focused…

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  • BlogPhoto of The Very Cheeky Superheadz Clap Camera

    The Very Cheeky Superheadz Clap Camera

    What a great little toy! Forget those ug cables, take this little guy anywhere, snap away and just plug him in the nearest USB port.

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