• BlogPhoto of How To Use Knives Safely In The Kitchen

    How To Use Knives Safely In The Kitchen

    The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where families often gather to talk. It’s where food is prepared and stories are shared and memories made. Yet, it’s also potentially a very dangerous place to be. Sharp utensils like…

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  • BlogPhoto of 5 Reasons to Hire a Certified Kitchen Designer

    5 Reasons to Hire a Certified Kitchen Designer

    A kitchen remodel entails a lot of decision making. Will the kitchen accessories stand the test of time? Is the heavy investment going to be worth it? There are multiple questions to answer. Given that kitchen is considered heart of…

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  • HomePhoto of The Other Half of the Apple

    The Other Half of the Apple

    The other half of the apple is a kit to peel fruit like apples, dry the skin, smash it and then use it for tea and infusions or even soaps and perfumes. The kit consists of a stainless steel grid with…

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  • HomePhoto of G-Drip Coffee Maker

    G-Drip Coffee Maker

    G ‐Drip, the unique pour‐over coffee maker is back for a second production run. When it was first offered for preorder in a limited edition of o nly 50 pieces, it was s old out in 2 hours! The eagerly awaited date,…

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  • HomePhoto of Field Cast Iron Skillet

    Field Cast Iron Skillet

    Cast iron skillets rule the kitchen – don’t just take our word for it – many of the best chefs swear by them. Thing is they are heavy f**kers. So what does a clever Kickstarter campaign look like? Just like The Field…

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  • HomePhoto of Crescent Boards

    Crescent Boards

    A trio of wooden kitchen boards designed to live together but aid in unique tasks. The Crescent Carving Board has a groove milled near its perimeter that deepens so juices pool on one end and can be poured and saved…

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  • BlogPhoto of Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen Design: Where Function Meets Fashion

    Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen Design: Where Function Meets Fashion

    Although it has become cliché, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home and as such, the character of this one room sets the mood for the entire dwelling. Whether you are seeking to design an eco-friendly sustainable kitchen…

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  • HomePhoto of Duo Coffee Steeper

    Duo Coffee Steeper

    Fellow set out to develop a new method to brew coffee instead of the traditional French Press route. The Duo Coffee Steeper works by using full immersion to give you the best tasting brew possible. To make your coffee, just add your grounds…

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  • HomePhoto of Blue Bottle Moka Pot

    Blue Bottle Moka Pot

    Finally, a stovetop coffee maker that effortlessly produces cups that are sweet and nuanced. This moka pot with minimalist design will looks striking in your kitchen. In collaboration with industrial designer Joey Roth, Blue Bottle created a moka pot that’s beautiful, easy to use, and produces…

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  • HomePhoto of Food Styling

    Food Styling

    Some really cool "food designs" right here!

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  • HomePhoto of Teaware Set by Chuntso Liu

    Teaware Set by Chuntso Liu

    Round Square Teaware is a minimalist set, including a teapot, tea cups, and saucers that are full of contrasts. The elemental shapes of circles and squares both manifest in the pot and mugs. Created by Taiwan-based designer Chuntso Liu for KOAN DESIGN Co., Teaware’s organic shapes are decorative…

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