Save Food From The Fridge Dot Com

This concept goes pretty deep and we don’t really need to get into the thick of it, but “SAVE FOOD FROM THE FRIDGE – Shaping Traditional Oral Knowledge” is basically a cool replacement for your refrigerator that is eco-friendly and uses the science of the various items to create a balance which also leads to you having a better relationship with your food? Something like that. Look at the pictures.


Observing the food and therefore changing the notion of food preservation, we could find the answer to current situations such as the overuse of energy and food wastage. My design is a tool to implement that knowledge in a tangible way and slowly it changes the bigger picture of society. I believe that once people are given a tool that triggers their minds and requires a mental effort to use it, new traditions and new rituals can be introduced into our culture.


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  1. In the South there are roaches. What say ye to food hanging on walls as opposed to being in the fridge?

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