Room 407 Project

Room 407 by Studio Panda is a renovated and remodeled apartment in the business district of Tokyo. The monochromatic design emphasizes the beauty of it’s minimalist simplicity while it’s open plan nature maximizes space and gives an illusion of even more!

The clean lines and open area make the apartment welcoming and homely: perfect for the business couple it was envisioned for to come home to after a long day at the office.


The space is free, uniform, and each room has been planned to ensure the space of only the minimum requirements – to use as storage and maximize the rest.


The basic idea was to provide minimum required floor areas for each room, and to provide as much storage as possible.


All rooms are located in sequence along the diagonal axis. The black and white diagonal split creates exaggerated perspective effect so that the space feels more spacious. And rooms that require privacy are located at both ends of the spatial sequence.

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