• ArchitecturePhoto of Tokyo Loft

    Tokyo Loft

    Tokyo Loft is a minimalist house located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by G architects studio. This unique apartment is located in the very heart of Tokyo, inside a low-rise apartment complex, one block from a major highway. The client had…

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  • ArchitecturePhoto of Room 407 Project

    Room 407 Project

    Room 407 by Studio Panda is a renovated and remodeled apartment in the business district of Tokyo. The monochromatic design emphasizes the beauty of it’s minimalist simplicity while it’s open plan nature maximizes space and gives an illusion of even more! The…

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  • ArchitecturePhoto of ‘House Tokyo’ by Sanpei Junichi

    ‘House Tokyo’ by Sanpei Junichi

    Japanese architect Sanpei Junichi designed this peculiar looking house in the depths of Tokyo, Japan.

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