Minimal iDesk for Apple Devices (& Fanboys)

I would be the first to admit that I am an Apple fanboy, no matter how much I try to deny them my love they keep creating elegant intuitive products that “just work”. Sebastian Lara Dris has created a desk that would make me all giggly inside like a little girl (if I had the privilege of owning one). It is just so slick and clean and… minimal. I just want hook up my iDevices to it! Very much want!


The main idea is that the desktop fits with the Apple devices.


Designed for Apple’s mobile devices, this functional desk is made ​in white Corian ®wooden legs. The cleft shaped top allows support and charge the ipod/ iphone/ ipad on the same time.


On the center of the table is located a platform that allows work with the ipad in an ergonomic position. And when you need to use the desk for other purposes, the platform can be hidden.


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