• HomePhoto of Artifox Desk 02

    Artifox Desk 02

    Artifox are back with a new desk, as well as a floating wall shelf. We love their minimalist designs, but their desks also pack in lots of possibilities to create the optimal workspace. There’s a built-in dock that not only manages unruly power cords,…

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  • BlogPhoto of Desktop Stool

    Desktop Stool

    Japanese studio Moku Woodware created the Desktop Stool – a laptop stand that frees desk space allows you to have a better posture while working. The Desktop Stool comes in two beautiful finishes, white basswood and brown walnut. Available for purchase here.

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  • BlogPhoto of OLED DeskTable Lamp

    OLED DeskTable Lamp

    I like the look of this Aerelight A1 lamp a lot. Even better: It has Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) – the latest in energy efficient lighting (80% less energy than a traditional 60W bulb!) The lamp produces a soft, natural and…

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  • HomePhoto of WT Desk

    WT Desk

    WT is a minimalist design created by Tokyo-based designer CONSENTABLE. The leg of the table is equipped with a 20mm x 9mm gutter that allows for cables to be wired and hidden. The back of the desk features a strip of USB…

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  • HomePhoto of Exquisite Console Desk

    Exquisite Console Desk

    The L’agent de bureau is a commissioned console desk, made from fumed oak, bog oak and rippled sycamore. It’s limited to 5 pieces. The desk is lined with full grain leather which adds to the sumptuous feel. Hidden within the simplicity…

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  • HomePhoto of Refold Standing Desk

    Refold Standing Desk

    Flexible, foldable, portable, affordable & 100% recyclable. Refold’s cardboard standing desk will change the way you work! It’s a desk made entirely from cardboard that can support the weight of a person. It’s 100% recyclable, weighs just 6.5kg and folds up…

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  • HomePhoto of Wood Desk with Lots of Storage

    Wood Desk with Lots of Storage

    METIS is a desk is made of solid wood with compartments and workspace on both sides so two people can work simultaneously. The desk is outfitted with three drawers, two lidded sections, and two leather accessories for things like paper clips and pens. Inside the…

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  • HomePhoto of Artifox Standing Desk 01

    Artifox Standing Desk 01

    Nice twist to the original Artifox Desk we featured previously, for those of us who prefer to work on our laptops while standing. It still features the handsome combination of wood, aluminum hardware, powder coated steel, leather and rare earth magnets and with this…

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  • HomePhoto of Fju


    Fju is a really cool space-saving piece by Cologne based design studio Kaschkasch. Fold it down and it’s a small workspace. Fold it up and it transforms into a slim storage shelf. Clever!

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  • HomePhoto of Noise Canceling Furniture

    Noise Canceling Furniture

    With more offices heading in the no-cubicle zone, acoustics have become a real issue. The Sabine office furniture line is designed to reduce sound in open floor plans. With integrated acoustic panels, the storage pieces offer an effective means of absorbing and reducing sound. They…

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  • HomePhoto of Desk O1

    Desk O1

    Ukrainian design firm ODESD2 designed Desk O1 as part of their new office furniture line. This is the first piece in the collection and it rolls many functions into one compact piece of furniture. Panels lift up to reveal storage and there’s room…

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