The LEICA X3 is a personal project for Vincent Sall that aims to bridge the gap between large cameras with amazing image quality and smartphones with their limited image quality or control. He was inspired to combine an old-school monocle with a vintage LEICA camera. Brilliant!

Flipping the lens up turns on the camera, and you’ll discover the LEICA X3 has a traditional viewfinder that displays all the information you would get from a standard camera. You can also use an external device as a viewfinder and can share your images instantly via bluetooth.

Taking photos and sharing them instantly – from anywhere at anytime – has never been bigger in our culture. And as technology speeds ahead and cameras on smartphones become better and more user-friendly, this will only continue to boom!



Every day people around the world take millions of pictures. The modern culture of sharing photos with your friends and loved ones has never been bigger.


This project is about filling the gap between big cameras with great image quality and smartphone cameras with limited quality/control.



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