• ArtPhoto of Captive


    The caging of animals in undersized cages and high-walled enclosures is one of the greatest crimes in modern times. Captive and cordoned off by grey cement and steel bars or manky moats, these creatures are forced to live out a…

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  • BlogPhoto of Leica M

    Leica M

    A little more than a year following its announcement, the limited edition Leica M by chief Apple designer John Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson has been exhibited. The full-frame camera, based on a Leica M model, was auctioned off…

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  • ArtPhoto of Underwater Photography

    Underwater Photography

    Sarah Lee’s underwater photography engages the deep yearning for calm – for serenity and peace – at the heart of each of us. Enveloped by the ocean all outside influence falls away, leaving only yourself, cool water and the magical…

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  • BlogPhoto of LEICA X3

    LEICA X3

    The LEICA X3 is a personal project for Vincent Sall that aims to bridge the gap between large cameras with amazing image quality and smartphones with their limited image quality or control. He was inspired to combine an old-school monocle with a…

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  • BlogPhoto of The Very Cheeky Superheadz Clap Camera

    The Very Cheeky Superheadz Clap Camera

    What a great little toy! Forget those ug cables, take this little guy anywhere, snap away and just plug him in the nearest USB port.

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  • ArtPhoto of Polaboy ~ The frame for a small piece of eternity

    Polaboy ~ The frame for a small piece of eternity

    Hot damn, who would have thought that oversized Polaroid pictures with a subtle illumination would turn out being so incredibly cool!

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