Kisai Maru Wood

The Kisai Maru Wood is a lightweight wristwatch featuring a mirrored LCD time display framed in a 100% natural wood case.

Designers Tokyoflash bestowed the name ‘Maru’ – which means circle in Japanese – upon the unique watch because of the orbiting circles around the display interface. Time is told via a unique display with just one simple line circling the face. Two small lines on either end of the it tell the time precisely – pointing inwards tells the hour, and outwards the minute.

Because every watch is individually designed and manufactured, each will have a unique color and grain pattern so the customer can be assured of possessing an elegant and exclusive timepiece. There are two models to choose from: red sandalwood with a dark sandalwood accent and maple wood with a red sandalwood accent.

Make sure to check out the video for more info on this great product!

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