• BlogPhoto of PASCA Tire Gauge

    PASCA Tire Gauge

    We love the little things that nobody has been thinking about. The PASCA Tire Gauge is handy enough to loop into your car key ring, but more importantly it’s easy to use and the LCD displays the tire pressure quite precisely. As the designer…

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  • OtherPhoto of Kisai Maru Wood

    Kisai Maru Wood

    The Kisai Maru Wood is a lightweight wristwatch featuring a mirrored LCD time display framed in a 100% natural wood case. Designers Tokyoflash bestowed the name ‘Maru’ – which means circle in Japanese – upon the unique watch because of the orbiting circles around…

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  • OtherPhoto of ‘Kisai On Air’ Watch by Tokyoflash Japan

    ‘Kisai On Air’ Watch by Tokyoflash Japan

    This minimal watch was originally a concept submitted by a fan to futuristic watch-makers, Tokyoflash.

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