Places to Visit in North Carolina for Art Lovers

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Art is a beautiful thing that connects people, so it’s no wonder why art lovers enjoy seeing various beautiful displays of artwork. A great location to appreciate art in the United States is North Carolina, something you wouldn’t really expect from the state. There are several amazing locations to appreciate art in North Carolina, ranging from art museums to pottery displays. So if you’re an art lover that just closed on one of the Charlotte houses for sale, where should you look to get your art fix? Here are places to visit in North Carolina for art lovers. 

North Carolina Museum of Art

Originally opened in 1956, the North Carolina Museum of Art is located in Raleigh and serves thousands of patrons every year. The museum is free to enter, making it a great budget option for art lovers in the region. The North Carolina Museum of Art has exhibits that span over 5,000 years of work, allowing patrons to see many different eras and types of art. Sporting dozens of galleries and several unique buildings and exhibits, the North Carolina Museum of Art is truly an amazing tribute to the world of art. If you’re looking to go to a world-class art museum, then you absolutely have to check out the North Carolina Museum of Art. 

Cherokee Heritage Museum and Gallery

Located in Cherokee, North Carolina is the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, an institution dedicated to preserving the history of the Cherokee tribe. Not only does this museum preserve history, but it also displays some of the most beautiful artistic creations from the tribe. Here you can see intriguing displays and beautiful exhibits, all showcasing the history and culture of the Cherokee people. This museum is unique as it is not your traditional art museum, allowing you to experience different types of art and creativity that you may have never seen before. 

North Carolina Pottery Center

One of the more unique aspects of art is pottery, a truly beautiful form of expression. Thankfully for pottery lovers, the North Carolina Pottery Center has a wide range of pottery displays. This nonprofit shows the history of North Carolina pottery, being both informative and aesthetically pleasing. The museum is relatively cheap when it comes to admission, making it a great budget option for art appreciators. If you’re looking for a unique art museum, the North Carolina Pottery Center is a great place to check out. 

Downtown Asheville Art District

Instead of being just one location, the Downtown Asheville Art District is a collection of 30 members that include cultural centers, galleries, museums, and theaters. All of these locations are located closely together in downtown Asheville, allowing art lovers to get a wide range of exposure to various types of art. Here you can see many different types of visual arts and even see some performing arts as well. For the full experience, try taking a guided tour to see all of DAAD’s main offerings. 

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