• BlogPhoto of 4 Tips for the Ultimate Comfortable Road Trip

    4 Tips for the Ultimate Comfortable Road Trip

    Road trips are a ton of fun, you’re in a car with your favorite people, headed to an exciting destination. Having your own car means you can go at your own pace, enjoy stopping wherever you want to take pictures…

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  • BlogPhoto of Pakpod — The Ultimate Adventure Tripod

    Pakpod — The Ultimate Adventure Tripod

    Pakpod is an adventure tripod, which just surpassed its goal on Kickstarter. Designed by a freediving filmmaker in Maine who has shot more than 100 bodies of water, is the tripod reinvented. Built from the same stuff as bike and ski helmets, Pakpod…

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  • ArtPhoto of Illustrative Hong Kong Markets Posters

    Illustrative Hong Kong Markets Posters

    Tiffany Wan launched a unique poster series celebrates the street markets of Hong Kong and seeks crowdfund contributions with Kickstarter. The project titled “Hong Kong Markets: a poster series celebrates local culture” is the creation of Hong Kong-based independent designer, Tiffany…

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  • OtherPhoto of Tech Dopp Kit

    Tech Dopp Kit

    Tech Dopp Kit is a minimalist design created by Los Angeles-based company This Is Ground. The leather case is a zip-up organizer with a dedicated space for any number of electronic peripherals and accessories. A series of straps are situated on the opening…

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  • OtherPhoto of Freitag Hazzard

    Freitag Hazzard

    Freitag launched a new backpack called Hazzard. Not familiar with Freitag? All of their bags are made out of super durable and recycled truck tarp and are virtually indestructible.

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  • HomePhoto of Imbue Tea Brewing System

    Imbue Tea Brewing System

    From the appreciation of loose leaf tea, to perfect brewing techniques and timings, there’s many things to … about. The number of tea afficianados is growing every minute, and we are guilty of … things when it comes to tea. One…

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  • OtherPhoto of Travel Coffee Kit

    Travel Coffee Kit

    3sixteen teamed up with Handsome Coffee Roasters in Los Angeles to produce this limited edition travel coffee kit that contains everything you’d need to make a great cup of coffee on the road. Each bag is handmade using all brass hardware…

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  • OtherPhoto of Portable Washing Machine

    Portable Washing Machine

    Dolfi’s innovative technological solution for textile washing aims to fundamentally change the washing experience for travellers. Inspired by the amazing benefits of ultrasound, successfully utilized for years in many industrial and medical applications, Dolfi invited Andre Fangueiro & Studio Lata to…

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  • HomePhoto of Mini Humidifier

    Mini Humidifier

    When you’re on the road often, you’ve noticed how dry the air in airplane cabins and hotel rooms is. Not nice… Now you can improve the air quality it with this six-inch Bottle Humidifier designed by Korean design studio Cloudandco. The tiny…

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  • OtherPhoto of Explora Phones

    Explora Phones

    Great news for anyone visiting the United States this year. I was waiting for a service like this for a long time… Book your trip to the US, then head over to and book a phone for the duration of your stay.…

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  • ArtPhoto of Porthole Photography

    Porthole Photography

    The Porthole collection of images by Honk Kong-based Luke Casey is a minimalist celebration of travel as seen through a small porthole. The glimpse of various landscapes feels transitory, as if you are an outsider, passing by quickly, only allowed a fleeting…

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