How to Dress For Your Professional Headshots

A great headshot helps you present yourself in a professional way and make a lasting impression. Whether you need a headshot for a business profile, a resume, or even a social media profile, you want to look your best. But, how exactly do you capture a polished and professional headshot? In this blog post, we discuss the tips and tricks you need for quality professional headshots.

The Importance of Professional Headshots

In today’s digital age, a professional headshot helps establish your brand and online presence. Your headshot is often the first impression potential clients or employers have of you, so making it count is essential. A professional headshot conveys your seriousness about your profession and sets you apart from the competition. It’s an investment in your career and may open doors to new opportunities. A good headshot can be used on your website, social media, business cards, and promotional materials. With so much at stake, ensure you take the time to prepare and dress appropriately for your professional headshot session.

What to Wear

When dressing for your professional headshots, choose an outfit that makes you look and feel good but also reflects your professionalism. You want to wear clothes that flatter you, and coordinate clothing to create an outfit. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect outfit:

  • Choose solid colors: Solid colors are always a safe bet for professional headshots. Stick to classic colors like black, white, gray, and navy blue.
  • Opt for timeless styles: Your professional headshot is going to be used for a while, so choose an outfit that won’t look outdated in a year or two. Choose timeless styles like blazers, collared shirts, and classic dresses.
  • Avoid busy patterns: Busy patterns can be distracting in headshots, so try to avoid them altogether. Stick to simple, solid colors.
  • Consider your brand: If you’re taking headshots for your business or brand, consider wearing colors or styles that align with your brand’s image. 

What Not to Wear

The right outfit can enhance the overall look and feel of your professional headshot. The right fashion choices are very important. Some tips on what to avoid include:

  • Opt for solid colors: Busy patterns or prints can distract and take away from the focus on your face. Solid colors like black, white, gray, navy, and dark green are all great options.
  • Dress professionally: Wear what you typically wear for work or a job interview. Avoid anything too casual, such as T-shirts or sweatshirts, and stick to blouses, button-down shirts, blazers, or suits.
  • Accessorize wisely: Minimal jewelry and accessories are best for headshots. A simple pair of earrings or a watch is enough to add a touch of personality to your look.
  • Keep it simple: Remember, your headshot should be all about you and not your clothes. Wear clean lines and classic styles to keep the focus on your face.

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